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Download Sky Dancer APK

With all the many Android games available today that can be downloaded from Google Play, only a few stand out and get critically acclaimed. One of them is Sky Dancer which has achieved the Android Excellence Game awarded by Google Play. If you want to know more about this game, then you should continue reading below. In addition, you get to know how to download Sky Dancer APK at the end.

Download Sky Dancer APK

Specifications of Sky Dancer APK

Before you download Sky Dancer APK, you should first take a look at its specifications. This should help you determine if your device is capable of running the APK. The following are the specs:

  • Application Name: Sky Dancer APK
  • Total Size: 88.0 MB
  • Version Series: 4.0.2
  • Minimum Android Version Required: Android 5.0 and up
  • Publish Date: December 7, 2018

Features of the Sky Dancer APK

The following are the features of the Sky Dancer APK that you should know:

  • You can experience a parkour kind of game where you get to run and jump across cliffs and fly from one island to another while avoiding a lot of obstacles.
  • You need to learn how to land a perfect jump in the game in order to survive.
  • You can experience the amazing graphics and controls provided by this game.
  • You can run as fast as you can while avoiding a drop.

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How to Download and Install Sky Dancer APK

To download and install Sky Dancer APK, follow these 3 simple and easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Download the APK from this website.
  2. Install the APK in your device.
  3. Open the app and then start playing this exhilarating game.


That’s how simple it is to download Sky Dancer APK latest version from this website. You can now enjoy using this amazing app by clicking on the download link down below.

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