Shadowgun Legends For Android

Download Shadowgun Legends For Android

An awesome first person shooter game which has a high quality in game graphics which can match up to any big game of any console. So download Shadowgun Legends for Android and you would not find any such better first person shooter game. A full big city which is the base camp which has everything you need to shop and buy for your weapons. Save the people from the alien invader and fight against them.Download Shadowgun Legends For Android

Requirements To Download Shadowgun Legends.

It is quite a very big game for any Android device as it requires around 877MB of space. Normally phones have such spaces but some normal range Android devices may need some extra space or memory card to install that awesome big game.

You must have the latest version of Android which should not be less then Android 6.0. So if you have some older devices which have versions lower then 6 cannot play this game. It is specially developed for high end devices as it can match up to any big console game.

You will download the latest version of the game which is currently 0.7.1 and it is rated for 16+ and has some violence features and in game gambling. An awesome game with more than 200 mission to fight against enemies on different planets.

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Main Features Of Shadowgun Legends.

200+ missions to fight on four different planets.

Multiplayer option to play with 3 friends and make your own team.

Team up and fight against some big enemies to unlock more features.

Awesome game graphics which can match any big game.

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