Mushroom 11 For Android

Download Mushroom 11 For Android

Download Mushroom 11 For Android which is one of the top games in the top 25 list of The Guardian’s. It is a platform game with a side scrolling platform feature. Mushroom 11 has different levels of game play in which you need to do pruning all the cells of a blob which has fungus.

Download Mushroom 11 For Android

When you continuously do pruning the fungus it gets molded into a new shape each time you do it. It has simple touch controls and unique game features which makes it more interesting. Different puzzles and mysteries are hidden in the hand painted worlds in the game makes it more interesting to play

Requirements To Download Mushroom 11 For Android.

The file size which you will download to play this awesome game is only 20MB. For the Android OS, you must have Android 4.4 and above to play this game. The current and latest version of this game is 1.12.9 and you will get the latest version from us and working fine. In the latest version, some minor bugs have been removed and some more optimization has been done to get more out of this awesome game you love to play. Added and localized two more languages which are Inuktitut and Algonquin.

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Main Features Of Mushroom 11 For Android.

A very unique and innovative game with awesome and simple controls.

It has a multi touch feature which makes the game play more accurate and great.

There are 7 hands painted worlds in this game which are filled with different puzzles.

Different Mysteries waiting to be unraveled by the players.

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