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Battleheart 2 For Android

Download Battleheart 2 For Android

Download Battleheart 2 which is the sequel of an amazing Role Playing Game Battleheart launched way back I 2011. Play this amazing game on your android device which will test your reflexes to battle with another monster in real time in gameplay. As you move forward the power of the enemy will increase and you will come to cross some big and powerful enemies and monster. Fight against Boss enemies which will test your skills at most.

Download Battleheart 2 For Android

To Download Battleheart 2 For Android It Requires:

Your Android smartphone should be above or equal to 4.3 and above. The memory consumption of this game is around 23 MB which is not a big headache is smartphone nowadays comes up with great built in memories. Recently many Samsung S9 devices were facing crash issue while loading battle which is now has been resolved so now S9 users can download and play it easily. You will get the latest version of the game which is 1.1.3 so download Battleheart 2 and play with 12 unique hero character which you can use to play and battle in the game. You can also adjust the difficulty level according to your skill sets.

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Some Main Features of Battleheart 2

Multiplayer option in the gameplay makes all the battles more enjoyable.

You will fight against 20 different enemies which will surely check your battlefield tactics.

Furthermore, you will fight against some 5 major enemies which are called boss enemies.

Collect different items to make your inventory of arms with over 130 options.

Adjust the level of difficulty from beginner to a professional.


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